Young drivers

young-driversflyerAdvanced driving improves knowledge, awareness, concentration and car handling skills, developing the driver into one who is confident, efficient and up to SEVEN times safer than the average driver.
For Young Drivers, under the age of 25 the Group may refund part of your Skill for Life fee upon completion of the Course and passing the Advanced Driving Test. Courses are tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

Cheshire West and Chester Council, Road Safety Unit.

cwacCheshire West & Chester Council provides the Group with invaluable sponsorship and support; especially facilitating Chester IAM Group’s Young Drivers Programme.

The Road Safety Unit aims to; minimise road crashes and casualties, improve access to the highway for all, especially vulnerable road users, and address road safety issues that affect quality of life in our communities. We will achieve these aims through a combination of Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Training and Publicity, working in partnership with others where we can. In this way we will contribute to wider service and corporate objectives that are consistent with these aims.