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More than half-a-million people have taken IAM Advanced Driver and Rider courses since the organisation was established in 1956.

A network of over 200 local groups, all run by volunteers, represent a unique resource with unparalleled experience and expertise to share with road users.

We believe that driving should be an enjoyable experience and aim to help you achieve the skills you need to be able to navigate today’s driving environment in a safe and stress free way.   We tailor your drives to your existing skill level, helping you gain the skills you need to become an Advanced Driver.   Anyone can benefit from learning Advanced Driving skills; from people that wish to get more out of their car to those who just want to gain more confidence behind the wheel.
As an organisation, we provide guidance for anyone with a full driving licence to prepare for the Advanced Driving Test and enjoy the benefits of being a Member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists.  It’s all about driving enjoyment.

The course places candidates with their local IAM RoadSmart group and offers a regular series of sessions to help them gain a greater enjoyment of driving and riding, and help them become a safer driver or rider.


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